Progress Report: The First Spring

It is raining off and on in heavy downpours this weekend, so what gardening is to be done is happening in quick bursts between the storms. There is an always unexpected lushness and beauty to a garden just after some significant showers, so I thought this would be an excellent time to wander through the... Continue Reading →


Drowning in Spinach

Popeye was on to a good thing with spinach. It's the easiest ever to grow; you can serve it in salads, soups or sauté it as a side and it's a loose-leaf green so you can graze as you need. I'm growing 8 plants of various ages and types sprinkled around my garden to keep... Continue Reading →

Potato Debate-O

I previously outlined my pseudo-science experiment on two different methods of growing potatoes in this post: You Say Potato…Fitting Spuds into a Food Forest It's time to check in on our two potato crops and see how the experiment is progressing! To recap, Group A is the easiest of possible potato-growing methods - shoving them a... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Part 1: A Natural Forest

Edible food forests are all about looking at nature, learning how forests function and applying permaculture practices to them. The goal is then to create a man-made forest which benefits from the self-sufficiency of nature while the choice of plants, positioning and careful nudging from human hands should create a much more productive and useful... Continue Reading →

Unwelly Nelly Kelly

My garden is incredible in my imagination. In my mind, there are soaring, verdant trellises, expanses of gracefully arcing trees and a dense understory of lush herbs with everything dripping with fruits and vegetables.  I open my eyes, though, and the reality is an infant garden still full of promise for the future, but equally... Continue Reading →

Clever Problem Solving in Permaculture

In my quest to learn more about permaculture and practices I can apply to my own urban edible forest adventure, I've happened upon a few clever ideas that have inspired me, but that I can't quite squeeze into my yard, my life or my time. Though these ideas aren't necessarily feasible in their current forms,... Continue Reading →

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